Operating status

  • 27-09-2023 10:16 Info: Vi foretog her til morgen en sikkerhedsnedlukning på Cluster 1,4 og 7 som medførte at visse kunder ikke kunne tilgår deres systemer - alt kører nu normalt igen
  • 02-03-2022 11:19 Varsling - Torsdag d. 10/3-2020 i tidsrummet 08:00 - 11:30 vil der være sikkerheds nedlukket, pga. omlægning i el-nettet (iflg. Energi Fyn)
  • 24-11-2020 14:28 Nianet Information om planlagt arbejde: Start: 29/11-2020 00:00 - 29/11-10:00 ændring af kredsløb - Bruger bør ikke blive påvirket
  • 17-05-2020 09:56 Information om det planlagte arbejde :Starttidspunkt: 31-05-2020 00:00 Sluttidspunkt: 31-05-2020 10:00
  • 14-03-2020 12:13 All our employees work from home workplace, all phones remain open, Support is available as usual.

4Dynamics is a worldwide organization providing resources, add-on solutions and services for the Microsoft Dynamics community. We facilitate efficient, experienced and trustworthy interaction between ISV’s, partners, freelance specialists and companies.

For end customers we find the right team serving you needs.

Partnerring with us make you benefit from our second to none services where we assist some of the largest global organizations in securing highly qualified specialists in your project from temp to permanent. If we can’t find them – no one can. Our add-on product portal and Solution Provider finder will lead you to precisely the solution you need to grow your business and team you up with exceptionally competent solution implementors.

Key values

When you are in a partnership with 4Dynamics, we offer you:

  • License management
  • Consulting and projectmanagement
  • Development
  • Virtulized hosting
  • Business support globally

4Dynamics is a fast path to protect you personal values, current and future business.